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About Us

TBL Performance Plastics was founded in 2002 as a sister company of Rubberfab Technologies Group and spun out in January, 2015 to become an independent company. We are based in Sparta, New Jersey, where we manufacture cutting edge non-metallic fluidic products for bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers, CMO’s, drug development companies, medical device companies and OEM’s. Our core offering includes injection molded fittings, extruded tubing, single-use assemblies, and fabrication. We also offer a wide range of innovative customized solutions.

We feature a unique offering of vertical capabilities that differentiate us from our competition, and pride ourselves on world class products and personalized customer service. Our goal is to bring superior value to our customers by providing industry knowledge, quality service, and tailored and catalog solutions for applications throughout the bio-pharm industry.

Core Capabilities: