Polycarbonate Filling Bell

Filling Bell and Filling Bell Assemblies

The Cellon® single-use filling bell is designed for use in critical biotech and bio-pharmaceutical-process applications. It is commonly specified as a component in our single-use assemblies or sold separately (both irradiated and non-irradiated) for users to install on site. Single-use filling bells are typically a more economical and safer alternative when compared to reusable glass filling bells.

This product is manufactured in an ISO Class 8 cleanroom exclusively with Drug-Master-File (DMF) listed, USP Class VI Polycarbonate (PC) material. In addition, we invest extensively in extractables and biocompatibility testing to maximize value for end users and to qualify our materials and manufacturing methods for the most critical applications. The filling bells are gamma-irradiation stable and autoclavable which means there are  many possible options when designing a new process or retrofitting an old one.

Filling bells are supplied individually bagged and are available gamma irradiated or non-gamma-irradiated. They are also featured on our line of media bottle assemblies and other custom single-use assemblies.

Ordering Information
Part NumberUnit of MeasureDescription
PIP5301pc.PC Filling Bell
PIP530-CP1pc.Cleanroom Packed/ Gamma Irradiated PC Filling Bell
Features/ Benefits
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USP Class VI
DMF Listed Medical-Grade PC Material
Available Gamma Irradiated
Cleanroom Molded
Fits 1/4″ ID to 7/16″ ID Tubing