Bio-Ease™ + Hinged Clamp for Sanitary Tri-Clamp® Connection

Patented Sanitary Clamp Design

Introducing the patented Bio-Ease™ sanitary clamp, which was designed to address the unique needs of single-use disposable/ bio-pharm markets. Bio-Ease™ hinged clamps are manufactured using a glass-reinforced, FDA gradeUSP Class VI Nylon  and are designed to be used as a component for single-use transfer lines and a wide range of bio-process systems. For higher pressure applications (above 150psi), true-union clamps are commonly preferred. Bio-Ease™ hinged clamps are lot and batch traceable and ideal for use in single-use systems.

Developed for use in both non-metallic/non-metallic and non-metallic/metallic connections, the clamps won’t damage or distort non-metallic ferrules as standard stainless steel clamps might. More lightweight than their stainless steel clamp counterparts, plastic clamps are recommended for applications requiring weight reduction or involving reduced thermal conductivity.

Here are a few of the ways TBL Plastics’ clamps have been used in medical and pharmaceutical applications:

  • Single-Use Systems (SUS)

    To save on labor and cleaning costs, biopharmaceutical operations have moved away from reusable transfer systems of organic materials in favor of single-use transfer systems with disposable components. Lightweight, plastic Bio-Ease ™ sanitary clamps and gaskets are ideal for securing disposable sanitary process lines without damaging them.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Since our plastic Bio-Ease ™ Clamps can be laser-engraved, the pharmaceutical sector has found them to be useful for increasing component traceability. The tamper-proof design of our Bio-Ease ™ Clamp fittings also offers increased security. In a high-stakes industry, traceability and security of components used in manufacturing are crucial to regulatory compliance and patient safety.

  • Vaccine Production

    A subset of pharmaceutical manufacturing, vaccine production occurs under intense scrutiny, meaning that manufacturers must be able to account for each component used throughout the manufacturing process. Our plastic sanitary fittings can each be traced back to a specific lot and batch, ensuring accurate production inventory.

  • Research Laboratories

    Research laboratories in virtually every scientific discipline utilize fluid transfer systems, which require reliable, durable sanitary clamps. Our plastic clamps are available in all standard sizes and are ideal for situations requiring non-metallic or lightweight sanitary fittings. They can withstand up to 150 psi, endure autoclaving at 134° C for up to 5 minutes repeatedly, resist corrosion, and even tolerate Gamma irradiation up to 40kGy. This level of durability and flexibility makes them ideal for a wide range of laboratory setups.

  • Metal-Free Applications

    Many operations require non-metallic sanitary fittings and other non-metallic materials to ensure smooth functionality due to various chemical uses, cost factors, required cleaning methods, production requirements, and other considerations.  Bio-Ease ™ Clamps from TBL Performance Plastics, compatible with ASME-BPE and BPSA standards, deliver a reliable solution for these metal-free operations.

Bio-Ease™ Clamp Features
Compatible with all of our sanitary adapter fittings
USP Class VI Nylon 66 Material
Tamper-proof design
Exclusive limited-slip design self-adjusts for balanced contact pressure
Compatible with ASME-BPE and BPSA standards
Can be repeatedly autoclaved
Testing has shown no detectable weakening after 40kGy Gamma Irradiation
Sterilization Methods
Gamma Irradiation
Electron Beam Irradiation
Ethylene Oxide (EtO)
Sizing Chart
Part NumberSizeMax PressureMax Gamma Dose
13MHHS-075-011/8″ – 3/4″ Mini150psig40KGy
USP Class VI
FDA 21CFR177.1500
Glass-Reinforced White Nylon 66
Individual or Multi-Bagged
Clean-Room Labels Available
Certificate of Compliance
Lot and Batch Traceable

Compatible Fittings for Use with Bio-Ease+ Clamps

Tri-Clamp® is a registered trademark of Alfa Laval. Information on this page should be used only as a general reference to guide in product selection. Ultimately, field testing should be carried out to ensure this product meets the requirements of a particular application. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Patent Numbers: D711730 & US 9151420