Cross Function™ Bi-Directional Single-Use Flow Valve

Sampling | Purging | Bleed Valve | Injection Port

TBL has developed the Cross Function™ valve for various single-use bio-pharm applications and other high-purity processes that require moderately controlled conveyance of fluids in to or out of a fluidic system. The Cross Function™ valve is simple, ergonomic and attaches to all standard 1″ or MINI Tri-Clamp connections. It is perfect for sampling, purging, and injecting fluids in to or out of a process system.

The valve and seal are constructed exclusively of polypropylene and platinum-cured silicone. All materials meet USP Class VI requirements and are ADIF or BSE/ TSE compliant.

Temperature Rating
Maximum Temperature: 50°C
Purging Air or Liquids
Injection Site
Sinlge-Use Bio-Pharm Process
Pharmaceutical Grade Materials
Simple Installation
Broad Range of Uses
Packaging Options
Individually Bagged
Bulk Bagged
Single-Use Assemblies
Gamma Irradiation
U.S. Pharmacopoeia Class VI Certification
ADIF or BSE/TSE Compliant Materials
Fully Traceability
Part Numbers
Tri-Clamp SizePart#Standard Package Qty.
1″ LADISHSV-16.04-PP-RXPX1pc.
1″ LADISHSV-16.04-PP-RXPX-1010pcs.
1″ LADISHSV-16.04-PP-RXPX-5050pcs.

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