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Bio-Ease™ + Hinged Clamp for Sanitary Tri-Clamp® Connection

Patented Sanitary Clamp Design

Plastic Sanitary Tri-Clamp

Introducing the patented Bio-Ease™ sanitary clamp, which was designed to address the unique needs of single-use disposable/ bio-pharm markets. Bio-Ease™ hinged clamps are manufactured using a glass-reinforced, FDA grade, USP Class VI Nylon  and are designed to be used as a component for single-use transfer lines and a wide range of bio-process systems. For higher pressure applications (above 150psi), true-union clamps are commonly preferred. Bio-Ease™ hinged clamps are lot and batch traceable and ideal for use in single-use systems.

Gamma Irradiation
Electron Beam Irradiation
Ethylene Oxide (EtO)
USP Class VI
FDA 21CFR177.1500
Glass-Reinforced White Nylon 66
Part Number Size Max Pressure Max Gamma Dose
13MHHS-075-01 1/8″ – 3/4″ Mini 150psig 40KGy
13MHHS-150-01 1-1/2″ 150psig 40KGy
13MHHS-200-01 2″ 150psig 40KGy
13MHHS-300-01 3″ 120psig 40KGy
13MHHS-400-01 4″ 100psig 40KGy
Individual or Multi-Bagged
Clean-Room Labels Available
Certificate of Compliance
Lot and Batch Traceable


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Patent Numbers: D711730 & US 9151420