Envir-A-Line™ XX | Co-Extruded Tubing

Photo Opaque PVC with Inert Hytrel® Liner

Envir-A-Line™ XX is commonly used for many gases and hydrocarbons. has a unique co-extruded construction, incorporating a highly inert Hytrel® inner-liner that exhibits excellent dielectric properties and provides a superior gas and moisture barrier. Its moisture permeability is similar to poly-ether based urethanes. The product’s outer shell is comprised of a permeable photo-opaque black PVC, so the product can be repeatedly autoclaved without the two materials separating.

Used widely in the welding industry because of its superior barrier and dielectric characteristics, Hytrel® contains no plasticizers and does not outgas. The consistant quality and performance of Envir-A-Line™ XX is due partly to the industry leading thickness of our Hytrel® inner-liner thickness. Envir-A-Line is also commonly used in the beverage industry. The inner liner is compliant with NSF and FDA standards. *Also available with photo opaque hygienic white outer shell, and high pressure outer braiding for higher pressure applications.

Sizing Chart
P/NIDODWallStd. Length
HPVC-125X2201/8″.220″.048″100′ 500′ 1000′
HPVC-170X250.170″1/4”.04″100′ 500 1000′
HPVC-170X314.170″.314″.072″100′ 500′ 1000′
HPVC-187X2753/16″.275″.044″100′ 500′ 1000′
HPVC-250X3751/4″3/8″1/16″100′ 500′
HPVC-2504371/4″7/16″3/32″100′ 500
HPVC-280X468.280″15/32″3/32″100′ 500′
HPVC-375X5003/8″1/2″1/16″100′ 500′
HPVC-500X6251/2″5/8″1/16″100′ 500′
HPVC-500X6871/2″11/16″.093″100′ 500′
HPVC-500X7501/2″3/4″1/16″100′ 500′
Physical Properties
Mechanical PropertiesEnglishSITest Method
Shore Hardness, 10 sec delay66 A66 AASTM D2240
Specific Gravity0.8900.890ASTM D792, 23/23°C
Tensile Strength (Break)1900 psi13100 kPaASTM D412-Die C, 2hrs,23°C
Elongation at Break630%630%ASTM D412-Die C, 2hrs,23°C
Tensile Stress (300% Strain)
Burst Pressure
150 Psig
Coolant Fluids
High purity
Low moisture permeability
Extremely flexible
Abrasion resistant shell
Continuous spools 1000ft.
Pre-cut lengths
Fabricated hose connections
Temperature Rating
Inner tube 190 °F/ Braid 250 °F
Traceability: lot and batch
Certification: lot and batch

Note: Material properties may be affected greatly by temperature, operating pressure, chemical concentration, the presence of other chemicals, and other factors. Ultimately, users should determine the compatibility of any product through field testing under their particular process conditions. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Hytrel® is a registered trademark of DuPont Company.