Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and Linear Low Density Polyethylene Tubing (LLDPE)

Low-Density Polyethylene LDPE and Linear Low-Density Polyethylene LLDPE tubing are used in a broad array of applications including cable jacketing, chemical conveyance, pneumatic and air lines, beverage/ food processing, and potable water systems.


Both have excellent flex life, but our LLDPE tubing is recommended whenever exceptional environmental stress-cracking resistance ESCR is required and for applications where push-on fittings are used. Also, LLDPE has a slightly higher pressure rating than LDPE, but LDPE is slightly more flexible. View the chemical resistance of LDPE and LLDPE.

13 Colors in Stock and Custom Sizes

Color coding is commonly used to identify various chemical or air lines within a facility or process. However, most manufacturers offer less than 6 colors, limiting the user’s choices. In our constant effort to differentiate ourselves from the competition, we offer thirteen colors.

In addition, if you have a custom color we can probably run it.

Read more about the difference between LDPE and LLDPE.

LDPE/LLDPE Sizing Chart
LDPEIDODWallMax. PSI @ 72FSTD. Length
LDPE-125X250**1001/8″1/4″.062″180 PSI100′
LDPE-125X250**5001/8″1/4″.062″180 PSI500′
LDPE-125X250**10001/8″1/4″.062″180 PSI1000′
LDPE-170X250**1001/8″1/4″.040″135 PSI100′
LDPE-170X250**5001/8″1/4″.040″135 PSI500′
LDPE-170X250**10001/8″1/4″.040″135 PSI1000′
LDPE-187X312**1003/16″5/16″.062″140 PSI100′
LDPE-187X312**2503/16″5/16″.062″140 PSI250′
LDPE-187X312**5003/16″5/16″.062″140 PSI500′
LDPE-232X312**100.232″5/16″.040″90 PSI100′
LDPE-232X312**500.232″5/16″.040″90 PSI500′
LDPE-232X312**1000.232″5/16″.040″90 PSI1000′
LDPE-250X375**1001/4″3/8″.062″120 PSI100′
LDPE-250X375**5001/4″3/8″.062″120 PSI500′
LDPE-250X375**10001/4″3/8″.062″120 PSI1000′
LDPE-375X500**1003/8″1/2″.062″90 PSI100′
LDPE-375X500**5003/8″1/2″.062″90 PSI500′
LDPE-375X500**10003/8″1/2″.062″90 PSI1000′
LDPE-500X625**501/2″5/8″.062″70 PSI50′
LDPE-500X625**1001/2″5/8″.062″70 PSI100′
LDPE-500X625**5001/2″5/8″.062″70 PSI500′
LDPE-625X875**505/8″7/8″.062″60 PSI50′
LDPE-625X875**1005/8″7/8″.062″60 PSI100′
LDPE-625X875**2505/8″7/8″.062″60 PSI250′
LDPE-750X1000**503/4″1″.125″90 PSI50′
LDPE-750X1000**1003/4″1″.125″90 PSI100′
LDPE-750X1000**2503/4″1″.125″45 PSI100′
LDPE-875X1000**507/8″1″.062″45 PSI50′
LDPE-875X1000**1007/8″1″.062″45 PSI100′
LDPE-1000X1250**501″1.25″.125″72 PSI50′
LLDPEIDODWallMax. PSI @ 72FSTD. Length
LLDPE-125X250**1001/8″1/4″.062″216 PSI100′
LLDPE-125X250**5001/8″1/4″.062″216 PSI500′
LLDPE-125X250**10001/8″1/4″.062″216 PSI1000′
LLDPE-170X250**1001/8″1/4″.040″162 PSI100′
LLDPE-170X250**5001/8″1/4″.040″162 PSI500′
LLDPE-170X250**10001/8″1/4″.040″162 PSI1000′
LLDPE-187X312**1003/16″5/16″.062″168 PSI100′
LLDPE-187X312**2503/16″5/16″.062″168 PSI250′
LLDPE-187X312**5003/16″5/16″.062″168 PSI500′
LLDPE-232X312**100.232″5/16″.040″108 PSI100′
LLDPE-232X312**500.232″5/16″.040″108 PSI500′
LLDPE-232X312**1000.232″5/16″.040″108 PSI1000′
LLDPE-250X375**1001/4″3/8″.062″144 PSI100′
LLDPE-250X375**5001/4″3/8″.062″144 PSI500′
LLDPE-250X375**10001/4″3/8″.062″144 PSI1000′
LLDPE-375X500**1003/8″1/2″.062″108 PSI100′
LLDPE-375X500**5003/8″1/2″.062″108 PSI500′
LLDPE-375X500**10003/8″1/2″.062″108 PSI1000′
LLDPE-500X625**501/2″5/8″.062″84 PSI50′
LLDPE-500X625**1001/2″5/8″.062″84 PSI100′
LLDPE-500X625**5001/2″5/8″.062″84 PSI500′
LLDPE-625X750**505/8″3/4″.062″72 PSI50′
LLDPE-625X750**1005/8″3/4″.062″72 PSI100′
LLDPE-625X750**2505/8″3/4″.062″72 PSI250′
LLDPE-750X1000**503/4″1″.125″108 PSI50′
LLDPE-750X1000**1003/4″1″.125″108 PSI100′
LLDPE-750X1000**2503/4″1″.125″108 PSI100′
LLDPE-875X1000**507/8″1″.062″54 PSI50′
LLDPE-875X1000**1007/8″1″.062″54 PSI100′
LLDPE-1000X1250**501″1.25″.125″86 PSI50′
LLDPE-1000X1250**1001″1.25″.125″86 PSI100′

Replace ** with the following material specifications: BL=Blue BK=Black YL=Yellow WH=White RD=Red GR=Green NN=Natural PL=Purple OR=Orange PK=Pink BR=Brown GD=Gold TK=Turquoise

Pressures listed are maximum recommended working pressures.

Physical Properties
Property, UnitsTest MethodValue
Specific GravityASTM D1505.918
Hardness, Shore DASTM D224050
Tensile Strength at Yield, psi (Mpa)ASTM D6381700 (11.7)
Tensile Elongation at Break, %ASTM D638550%
Flexural Modulus, psi (MPa)ASTM D79030,000 (200)
Brittleness Temp., °F (°C)ASTM D746-93 (-69)
Vicat Softening Temp., °F (°C)
Specific GravityASTM D7920.921
Hardness, Shore DASTM D224051
Tensile Strength at Yield, psi (Mpa)ASTM D6382170 (15.0)
Tensile Elongation at Break, %ASTM D638700%
Flexural Modulus, psi (MPa)ASTM D79040,000 (200)
Brittleness Temp., °F (°C)ASTM D746-43.6 (-42)
Environmental-Stress-Cracking Resistance (ESCR) F50, hours
Instrument Air
Potable Water
Environmental Monitoring Equipment (air)
Chemical Transfer
low gas and moisture permeability
No plasticizers
Photo Opaque
Good Flexibility
Continuous coils
Pre-cut lengths
Crimped ends
Ethylene Oxide (ETO)
CFR Title 21 Section 177.1550
High ESCR (LLDPE only)