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Pharm-A-Line™ I Peristaltic-Pump Tubing

Critical Dose | Biopharm | Food & Beverage | USP Class VI

pharm-a-line I santoprene peristaltic pump tubing

Superior in Peristalic Pump Applications

Manufactured from virgin, medical grade TPE and homogeneously extruded to precise dimensional tolerances, our Pharm-A-Line I tubing was specifically developed to provide superior performance in peristaltic pump applications. Pharm-A-Line I provides an excellent alternative to silicone tubing when resistance to chemicals (such as acetone or methylene chloride) is a concern. Prior to release, we rigorously test each batch of resin for cytotoxicity and heavy metals.

Ideal for Pharmaceutical, Biological, and Food and Beverage Applications

Pharm-A-Line I meets today’s most stringent cytotoxicity and extractability requirements for critical pharmaceutical process applications. It is recommended for most biological process fl uids. Pharm-A-Line I is also ideal for liquid coupler connections between process tanks and fl uidized bed process equipment. Other applications include sterile solutions, buff er agents, and food and beverage processing.

Chemical Resistance

Little or No Effect*
AcetaldehydeChloroacetic acidLinseed OilPotassium salts
Acetic acidChronic acidMagnesiu saltSilver salts
Acetic AnhydrideChromium saltsMaleic acidSoap solutions
AcrylonitrileCopper saltsManganese saltsSodium salts
Aluminum ChlorideEthylene glycolMercury saltsSodium hydroxide 50%
Aluminum sulfateEthylene glycolMercury saltsSodium hydroxide 50%
AmmoniaFerric saltsMethanolSodium hypochlorite
Ammonium saltsFluoboric acidNickel saltsSulfur dioxide
Ammonium hydroxideFluosilicic acidNitric acid-10%Sulfuric acid, dil.
Amyl acetateFormaldehydeNitroethaneSulfurous acid
Antimony saltsFormamideNitrogen oxidesTannic acid
Arsenic saltsFormic acidNitrous acidTanning extracts
Barium saltsGlucoseOils, animalTrisodium phosphate
Benzoic acidGlycerinsOils. mineralUrea
Bleaching liquorHydrochloric acidOils. vegetableUric acid
Boric acidHydrocyanic acidOxalic acidWater
BromineHydrogen peroxideOxygenWater (brine)
Butyric acidHydrogen sulfidePhosphoric acidWater (stoam)
Calcium saltsIodine and solutionsPhthalic acidZinc salts
Carbon DioxideLactic acidPhosphoric acid
Chlorine (wet/dry)Lead saltsPlating solutions
Minor Effect*
AcetatesButaneMe Et KetoneSkydrol 500-B4
AcetoneButanolNitric acid-30%Sulfuric acid-90%
Amyl alcoholEthersOleic acidTurpentine
Benzyl alcoholLithium greasePyridine
Severe Effect-NOT Recommended*
BenzeneCyclohexaneKeroseneNitric acid- 70%
Carbon tetrachlorideEthyl chlorideTrichloroethylenePerchloroethylene
ChloroformGasoline, unleadedNaphthaXylene


Peristaltic pump tubing
Buffer Solutions
Metering pumps
Fluid Bed Feed Systems
Biological Media
Filling Machinery


Superior Bio Compatibility
Excellent chemical resistance
Extremely Flexible
Low Particulate Spallation
Meets most FDA regulatory requirements


Continuous coils
Pre cut lengths
Clean room packed
Pump yoke configurations
Available with Sanitary ends


Ethylene oxide


U.S. Pharmacopoeia Class VI
Cytotoxicity Criteria
CFR Title 21 Section 177.2600
Meets 3-A Standards
Traceability: Lot and Batch
Certification: Lot and Batch
Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP)

Additional Data

Specific Gravity (ASTM D792)0.970
Durometer, Shore A (5SEC.ASTM D2240)68
Tensile Strength at Break, psi (ASME D-412)972
Elongation, % (ASTM D-412)37
Tensile Stress @ 100% Across Flow (73F) (ASTM D-412)363
Tension Set, %8%
Tear Resistance Lb./in128
Compression Set Constant Deflection “B” (22hrs. @ 70° C), %32
Abrasion Resistance, Mg. lost/1,000 cycles1.2
Brittle Point, °F (ASTM D-789)-76F
Low Temp. Flex at -40Passed
Flame Resistance Vertical Plane (Average Burning Rate-cm/min22
Heat Resistance275
FDA Reg. No.21CFR177.2600
Note: Material properties may be affected greatly by temperature, operating pressure, chemical concentration, the presence of other chemicals,
and other factors. Ultimately, users should determine the compatibility of any product through field testing under their particular process
conditions. Specifications are subject to change without notice.