Silicone Tubing Hose: Platinum Cured | Pharm-A-Clear™

Pharm-A-Clear™ | Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing

Medical-Grade | USP Class VI Silicone | ISO 10993-5 | Manufactured in an ISO Class 7 Clean Room

platinum cured silicone tubing

Pharm-A-Clear™ C – Medical-Grade Platinum-Cured Silicone

Pharm-A-Clear™ C Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing was developed to meet the most stringent requirements of the life sciences industries. Our medical-grade Pharm-A-Clear™ C is manufactured in a state of the art ISO Class 7 Clean Room. Vertical extrusion techniques are employed in conjunction with continuous laser measurement to ensure the most exacting tolerances.

Pharm-A-Clear™ C is widely used for liquid media transfer and serves exceptionally well as peristaltic-pump tubing in bio-pharmaceutical applications, and is a preferred component of many single-use tubing assemblies. TBL Plastics stocks a wide range of sizes specific to most major pump manufactures and models.

Pharm-A-Clear™ LH | Low Hysteresis Silicone

For the most critical and exacting meter-dose peristaltic-pump applications, we developed our Pharm-A-Clear™ LH (low hysteresis) platinum-cured Silicone Tubing. The “LH” series tubing is manufactured from a platinum-cured silicone compound that exhibits many unique characteristics which are not typical of other platinum-cured silicones. Our Low-Hysteresis Silicone exhibits the life span of peroxide-cured silicones with purity levels that only a platinum compound can assure.

Our tubing is certified BSE/ TSE compliant, ISO 10993-5, and USP Class VI. Pharm-A-Clear™ LH, is recommended wherever high precision dosing, high purity, and longer tubing life is desired.

Temperature Rating

-90°F to 430°F  (-67°C to 220°C)


Peristaltic Pumps
Bio Process Equipment
USP Water
Sterile Transfer
Cell-Culture Media
Asceptic Fill and Transfer


Medical Grade
Platinum Cured
Superior Bio Compatibility
Rated For High Temperatures (Steam in Place)
Extremely Flexible
No Taste or Odor Imparted
Lot and Batch Traceable


Continuous Coils
Available with Unitized Sanitary (Tri-Clamp) Ends
Molded Manifolds


U.S. Pharmacopoeia Class VI
ISO 10993-5
Cytotoxicity Criteria
Meets 3-A Standards
CFR Title 21 Section 177.2600


Ethylene Oxide (ETO)
Gamma Irradiation

Material Properties

Pharm-A-Clear™ C Physical Properties *ValueASTM Test
Specific Gravity1.15
Hardness, Shore A50D2240″
Tensile Strength psi (Mpa)1200 (8.3)D 412
Elongation (%)720D.412
Tear Resistance, Die B lbf./in. (KN/m)200 (35.1)D640
Tensile Modulus @ 100% psi (Mpa)250 (1.7)D412
Note: Material properties may be affected greatly by temperature, operating pressure, chemical concentration, the presence of other chemicals,
and other factors. Ultimately, users should determine the compatibility of any product through field testing under their particular process
conditions. Platinum cured silicone tubing specifications are subject to change without notice.