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SuperFlex™ Welding Hose

SuperFlex™ | Ultra Flexible | Abrasion Resistant Welding and Gas Hose

SuperFlex™ is specifically designed to address the critical needs of the welding and medical, inert gas industries.

Other manufacturers have been known to use natural and latex rubber for conveyance of inert gases which can lead to impurities and dry rot. TBL offers a superior alternative to these types of materials with our synthetic thermoplastic rubber. Also, we ensure uncompromising color consistency and far fewer splices than our competitors.

SuperFlex™ is commonly used in the TIG/MIG welding industry for coolant lines, ground wire and gas applications. In addition, our tubing is certified in the medical industry to be latex free.

SuperFlex™ offers a high-abrasion, close-braid outer Nylon which gives the tubing a high pressure rating and protects the hose from UV and heat exposure. SuperFlex™ is extremely Light weight and ultra flexible.

SuperFlex™ is available in five standard colors. Custom sizes and colors are available on request.

Sizing Chart

Part NumberIDODWallLength
SF-125X250**500.125″.250″.062″500′ (Spool)
SF-158X283**500.158″.282″.062″500′ (Spool)
SF-187X312**500.187″.312″.062″500′ (Spool)
SF-250X375**500.250.375.062″500′ (Spool)
SF-265X390**500.265″.390″.062″500′ (Spool)
SF-375X500**500.375″.500″.062″500′ (Spool)
SF-398X523**500.398″.523″.062″500′ (Spool)
To specify your color replace ** with the following

BL=Blue RD=Red BLK=Black GR=Gray W=White

Additional Data

Mechanical PropertiesEnglishSITest Method
Shore Hardness, 10 sec delay66 A66 AASTM D2240
Specific Gravity0.8900.890ASTM D792, 23/23°C
Tensile Strength (Break)1900 psi13100 kPaASTM D412-Die C, 2hrs,23°C
Elongation at Break630%630%ASTM D412-Die C, 2hrs,23°C
Tensile Stress (300% Strain)700 psi4800 kPaASTM D412-Die C, 2hrs,23°C

Burst Pressure

150 Psig


Coolant Fluids
Dental Air/ Vaccum


High purity
Low moisture permeability
Extremely flexible
Abrasion resistant shell


Continuous spools 1000ft.
Pre-cut lengths
Fabricated hose connections

Temperature Rating

Inner tube 190 °F/ Braid 250 °F


UL Listed
Traceability: lot and batch
Certification: lot and batch