ClearGreen® | Flexible PVC (Vinyl) Tubing

REACH Compliant, USP Class VI, non-DEHP PVC Vinyl

The Original DEHP Free PVC Tubing

As part of TBL’s continued commitment towards environmental responsibility, we offer our complete line of ClearGreen® flexible PVC tubing. Most flexible PVC sold today contains phthalate plasticizers such as DEHP. Phthalates are known to present increased health and environmental risks. Our ClearGreen® Tubing has been developed without phthalates to address the growing trend away from this type of plasticizer. Unlike competitors, ClearGreen® does not impart a taste or odor to a fluid.

Is Your Vinyl Tubing RoHS, REACH and California Prop 65 Compliant?

ClearGreen® tubing complies with California EPA environmental standards, the EU’s REACH (article 33.1) and RoHS regulations. It also fully complies with the requirements of USP Class VI, is non-Pyrogenic and non-hemolytic. It is the material of choice for laboratory, food and beverage/ beer tubing, pharmaceuticals, medical device, Brewery, consumer products, and environmental and imparts no taste or odor. Consider using ClearGreen® for any application where you are using phthalate-plasticized PVC. It has superior clarity, biocompatibility, and is friendlier to the environment at time of disposal. ClearGreen® is the original phthalate free vinyl tubing and it meets or exceeds the Tygon® ND series.

Physical Properties
PropertyNominal ValueUnitTest Method
Density–Specific Gravity1.23SP GR/23 CASTM D792
MechanicalNominal ValueUnitTest Method
Tensile Strength (100% Strain)750PSIASTM D638
Tensile Strength @ Yield1900PSIASTM D638
HardnessNominal ValueUnitTest Method
Durometer Hardness (A Scale–15 sec)70ASTM D2240
ThermalNominal ValueUnitTest Method
Brittle Temperature-40FASTM D746
Temperature Rangemin -40 max 175F
Melt Temperature320-340F
Temperature Rating
140F Maximum
Laboratory Research
Food & Beverage
Medical Device
Consumer Products
Raw Milk
Quality Standards
USP Class VI
USP 661 Extractable/ Leachable
FDA Compliant
REACH Compliant
ROHS Compliant

Note: Material properties may be affected greatly by temperature, operating pressure, chemical concentration, the presence of other chemicals, and other factors. Ultimately, users should determine the compatibility of any product through field testing under their particular process conditions. Specifications are subject to change without notice.